Better. Brighter. Stronger.


At [‘FACILITY NAME’], we center health care on healing so the joys of daily living can be celebrated. Our center provides post-acute rehabilitation and long-term care services, including a myriad of medical and therapy services. We offer around-the-clock care for those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Each day, our skilled, compassionate team strives to help our guests become a better, brighter, and stronger version of themselves.

A Patient-Centered Approach to Better Health

We believe in an unwavering commitment to patient-centered care. Our comprehensive Passport approach is designed to care for each person’s unique needs. No matter where they are in their journey to better health, we go further so those we serve get what they need, where they need it. Through our extensive network of National Health Care centers and affiliate partners, we offer access to a continuum of post-acute services including therapy, telehealth, diagnostics, home care, and hospice.

Life at [‘SHORT NAME’]

At [‘SHORT NAME’], we are committed to providing our residents with all the amenities they need to live a better, brighter, stronger life while staying with us. It’s why we place special attention on creating an engaging, inviting environment, complete with daily activities and events that stimulate, elevate, and inspire.

The same dedication to delivering [‘SERVICES’] goes into providing an uplifting space that nourishes the mind and soul of our residents, so when they leave, they’re not only stronger and healthier, but ready to make the best of the days ahead of them.

Providing the Best Care

5 Stars Overall from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)

Vohra Wound Physicians Center of Excellence Award

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Accredited

Our Impact

Belair should be the example for the rest of the facilities to follow…Their open door policy, cleanliness, and smiling faces make Belair such an amazing facility. They far surpass the highest level of quality care!

AnnMarie G.

After a series of bad experiences at two other rehabs, I ended up back in the hospital on a ventilator. This time I went to The Pines at Glens Falls for their Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, and I’m glad I did! I always looked forward to going to the therapy gym because the therapists make working out fun. The staff professionalism is the best I’ve ever seen and makes me want to pack them all up and bring them home with me when I leave tomorrow. I would recommend The Pines to anyone!

Floyd C.

I am grateful for the team I have met in Kennebunk Rehabilitation. They care and serve with skill and kindness, along with an ease-filled heart in each interaction. They are striving for a 5, and I see that in each step, word, and action I have witnessed and experienced with the collective staff thus far.

Elizabeth S.

Please don’t be fooled by brand new buildings, fancy furniture, and modern lobbies in some facilities. Brentwood may not be new and fancy, but they truly care and deliver excellent service! The staff is well trained in memory care… and the recreation team is active and engaging and really has a lot of fun. I highly recommend Brentwood, and I am glad we found them. They are a special group of people.

Debra D.

I am so thankful that when I went to the hospital in June that a bed was available at Riverside. Everyone is friendly, the place is clean, and they give great attention to patients. They truly show care and concern for your comfort and all of your needs. I love the way they work as a team. If you buzz and your nurse or aide is busy, someone else will jump in to assist you. Each of you has made my stay perfect and not being able to go straight home from the hospital less stressful. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Elizabeth H.