Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Your Passport Home

Our rehabilitation team is committed to returning our guests to their safest possible level of independent functioning. We understand that every person under our care has distinct requirements for therapy. 

Rehabilitation is tailored to a series of realistic, short-term achievements based on getting our guests home. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy services are available seven days per week, as needed and prescribed by a physician. 

Our Passport™ approach combines customized therapy services with our standards of care, both of which are directed by an interdisciplinary team, including licensed therapists and clinicians, with one goal in mind: to help guests return home safely.

Our Short-Term Care Services

While working through physical or post-operative challenges, guests enjoy customized therapy in comfortable and finely appointed accommodations. We handle all of the “paperwork” for our guests and their surgeons by working with Medicare and insurance carriers, so there’s one less thing to worry about. 

Additionally, National invests in the highest clinical oversight—pairing Nurse Practitioners (NPs) with technology—because we recognize that everyone benefits when our patients receive the best care.

Heart Failure and Cardiac Recovery

We tailor our Heart Failure services through an interdisciplinary approach to the needs of each patient, providing education and support around lifestyle changes. During a patient’s stay, we help them manage their medications and monitor their recovery by offering:

  • American Heart Association guidelines are followed for diagnosis and management of symptoms and treatment
  • On-site cardiologists, emergency equipment, and trained staff
  • Counseling for lifestyle changes and smoking cessation
  • Specialties may include:
    • Myocardial infarctions
    • Coronary artery bypasses
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Pacemaker placement
    • Valve replacements
    • Hypertension management
    • Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs)
    • CABG

Pulmonary Disease Management

Pulmonary Disease Management helps patients recover through an interdisciplinary approach, including treatment, education, and ongoing monitoring of the individual’s progress. We also specialize in ventilator care, including rehabilitation post-ventilation and ventilator weaning, which can reduce or eliminate the dependency on a ventilator. We offer:

  • On-site pulmonologists
  • On-site respiratory therapists
  • Tracheotomy and Tracheostomy care programs
  • Specialty programs for:
    • COPD
    • Ventilator dependency
    • Complex asthma
    • Complex bronchitis
    • Pneumonia
    • Long-haul COVID-19

Neurology and Stroke Rehabilitation

Neurology and stroke rehabilitation services help patients recover from their stroke event and use a range of therapy and treatments to improve their functional abilities. Clinicians and skilled nurses oversee each patient’s recovery alongside an interdisciplinary approach, including education and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Specialties may include: 

  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury or surgery
  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Parkinson’s and neurodegenerative disorders 
  • Epilepsy

Orthopedic Injuries and Post-Surgical Care

Our Orthopedic Injuries and Post-Surgical Care services help patients recover from injuries and operations through guided treatment and therapy from skilled clinicians and specialists.

Specialties may include:

  • Hip & knee replacements
  • Complex joint replacements
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Amputation recovery
  • Surgery-related wounds
  • Spinal surgery

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management helps prevent further decline in patients diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). With early detection, it is possible to slow, stop, or even reverse CKD, depending on its cause.

Specialties may include:

  • Oversight by nephrologists
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Hemodialysis
  • Health coaching
  • Disease management and education
  • Dietary education
  • Routine medical management of associated comorbidities

Wound Care

For patients with wounds, our preventative and advanced wound therapies are critical to their recovery and comfort.

Specialties may include: 

  • Wound care certified nurses
  • Rounding by vascular and wound physicians
  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Lower Extremity Neuropathic Disease (LEND) and Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs) management
  • Patient education

Amputee Rehabilitation

The Amputee Rehabilitation Program maximizes the functional abilities of individuals with limb loss to achieve their maximum potential to lead full, productive lives. We offer:

  • Pre-prosthetic training, including pain control, training, and wound healing
  • Prosthetic training, including gait and functional mobility training, and donning/doffing of prosthetics
  • Emotional support from psychologists, social workers, and patient and family support groups

Advanced Capabilities and Programs

Our Advanced Capabilities and Programs are led by accredited providers to give patients access to enhanced clinical specialties. Select programs feature a series of measurable patient outcomes designed to exceed our standards of providing excellent care.

Advanced capabilities and programs may include:

  • Pulmonary and cardiac programs
  • Acquired brain injury programs
  • Parkinson’s and neurodegenerative disorders programs
  • Mental health and life enrichment programs
  • Advanced IV therapies 
  • Lymphedema management
  • Chest tubes
  • Vest therapies
  • Trilogy
  • Ventilator care

Advanced Technology Amplifies Care

At National, we leverage advanced technologies to support clinical care and staff working directly with our guests. These tools ensure better outcomes through early detection of changes in health status and improve communication between health providers and those in our care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Through our partner, Circadia Health, our residents enjoy access to the most innovative remote patient monitoring technology available. 

  • 24-7 monitoring of vitals
  • Real-time alerts communicate changes in health status to primary care providers and staff 
  • Integration with electronic health records
  • Automated clinical reporting keeps providers in-the-know

Innovative Rehabilitation Technology

Our care centers offer a suite of advanced rehabilitation technologies through a partnership with ACP. These were designed and developed to complement our evidence-based clinical programs to provide the most comprehensive treatments that aid their recovery.

  • Ultrasound / Electrotherapy system
  • Shortwave Diathermy
  • Motorized Therapeutic Exercise System
  • Fall-Safe Dynamic Balance System
  • Dysphagia Solutions by ACP
  • Breathing Therapy Biofeedback System


At National, we connect you with the people and resources you need to thrive. At the touch of a finger, you can continue to access our providers, including nurse practitioners, therapists, and more, through our telehealth services provided by Impact Health, no matter where you are.

  • On-site consultations with medical staff
  • Access skilled nurse practitioners
  • Reduce hospitalizations through increased insight into patient status

Our Impact

Belair should be the example for the rest of the facilities to follow…Their open door policy, cleanliness, and smiling faces make Belair such an amazing facility. They far surpass the highest level of quality care!

AnnMarie G.

After a series of bad experiences at two other rehabs, I ended up back in the hospital on a ventilator. This time I went to The Pines at Glens Falls for their Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, and I’m glad I did! I always looked forward to going to the therapy gym because the therapists make working out fun. The staff professionalism is the best I’ve ever seen and makes me want to pack them all up and bring them home with me when I leave tomorrow. I would recommend The Pines to anyone!

Floyd C.

I am grateful for the team I have met in Kennebunk Rehabilitation. They care and serve with skill and kindness, along with an ease-filled heart in each interaction. They are striving for a 5, and I see that in each step, word, and action I have witnessed and experienced with the collective staff thus far.

Elizabeth S.

Please don’t be fooled by brand new buildings, fancy furniture, and modern lobbies in some facilities. Brentwood may not be new and fancy, but they truly care and deliver excellent service! The staff is well trained in memory care… and the recreation team is active and engaging and really has a lot of fun. I highly recommend Brentwood, and I am glad we found them. They are a special group of people.

Debra D.

I am so thankful that when I went to the hospital in June that a bed was available at Riverside. Everyone is friendly, the place is clean, and they give great attention to patients. They truly show care and concern for your comfort and all of your needs. I love the way they work as a team. If you buzz and your nurse or aide is busy, someone else will jump in to assist you. Each of you has made my stay perfect and not being able to go straight home from the hospital less stressful. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Elizabeth H.