Complete the Continuum of Care

National has been partnering with providers across the Northeast for over 30 years to collaboratively provide a continuum of services in post-acute and long-term care. We understand the complexities, challenges, and constraints of the healthcare system and work with our partners to ensure patients receive the highest quality care at every moment under our care.

Value-Based Care Approach

To effectively improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care, we believe a value-based care model is critical.

Clinical Approach

  • Prioritize communication and follow-up with providers
  • High-quality clinical excellence
  • Superior patient experience
  • Passport to Home transitional care coordination by a clinical integration nurse

Cost Considerations

  • Managing length-of-stay
  • Avoiding hospital re-admission
  • Total cost of care

Passport to Home

Our Passport to Home approach is designed to deliver the best care throughout a patient’s healthcare journey by connecting them to  post-acute and long-term care services. For providers, this means you have a dependable partner who can connect your patients to a continuum of care services, ensuring a well-managed and supervised transition home and recovery.

Continuum of Care

We partner with a range of providers to complete a continuum of care for our patients. Some of our partners include:

Continuum of Care

We partner with a range of providers to complete a continuum of care for our patients. Some of our partners include:

Innovative Tools and Tech

At National, we leverage advanced technologies to support clinical care and staff working directly with our residents. These tools ensure better outcomes through early detection of changes in health status and improve communication between health providers and those in our care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Through our partner, Circadia Health, our residents enjoy access to the most innovative remote patient monitoring technology available.

  • 24-7 monitoring of vitals
  • Real-time alerts communicate changes in health status to primary care providers and staff 
  • Integration with electronic health records
  • Automated clinical reporting keeps providers in the know


At National, we connect you with the people and resources you need to thrive. At the touch of a finger, you can continue to access our providers including nurse practitioners, therapists, and more through our telehealth services provided by Impact Health, no matter where you are.

  • On-site consultations with medical staff
  • Access skilled nurse practitioners
  • Reduce hospitalizations through increased insight into patient status

Clinical Integration Nurses

In our pursuit of clinical excellence we employ a team of Clinical Integration Nurses (CINs) who provide continued care management for up to 90 days based on the associated value-based care initiative. CINs provide coordination with providers including ACOs or bundled care networks. This also includes care coordination and integration with our continuum home care partner, Constellation.

Meet our team.

LPN, Clinical Integration Specialist

Christine Sebold

Christine Sebold is a specialist in ACO and Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) programs, working as a Nurse liaison between multiple skilled nursing facilities, acute care partners, and post-acute providers. She works on enhancing collaboration between multiple care teams across networks and facilities. Prior to joining National, Sebold started her career in skilled nursing in an oncology unit before working for over 26 years in an outpatient dialysis unit.

LPN, Clinical Integration Specialist

Sherrie Bourne

Sherrie Bourne helps integrate care at multiple levels across several National locations. Before joining National, Bourne worked as a case manager in a hospital setting for Bundled Payments for Care Improvements (BCPI) programs and later as a manager of the BCPI and Transitional Care department, managing MDs and NPs at the skilled nursing home level. She has over 11 years of experience as a floor nurse and case manager in skilled nursing.

LPN, Clinical Integration Specialist

Susan Miquel

Susan Miquel works in National’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvements (BCPI) and Transitional Care department, helping promote patient and program outcomes while supporting relationships between our clinical teams and our partners in post-acute care. Miquel previously worked as a floor nurse in skilled nursing, later becoming a Community Care Nurse managing the care of a diverse population of hematology and oncology patients.